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About Us

We are a children's art studio franchise with independently owned & operated studios in Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC. Inside a Small Hands Big Art studio, children can feel free and uninhibited to explore their creativity without worrying about making a mistake or a mess. Our fine art infused classes, camps, & workshops are geared towards kids ages toddlers to 15, and feature mixed media activities include painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, & sculpture!  Some locations also offer pottery classes.

Pre-school kids are introduced to a supportive social environment in which to gradually explore their independence with a parent or caretaker, building social and coordination skills, self-awareness and self-confidence. Older children are guided through the creative process through encouragement of original and creative self-expression. Our studios are bright and open, warm & inviting.  They are buzzing with the sound of watercolor brushes clinking against glass jars, chalk pastels scraping on toothy, textured paper – and busy chatter about random events in busy little lives, and passing colors.   

Although we like to say being in an actual small hands big art studio program is incredibly difficult to recreate outside our paint splattered walls - in the Spring of 2020 we launched Craft Kits and Big Art Bundle Boxes. We plan, prep, and ship ALL the art goodies for a unique art project straight to your door. Your kids will be able to dive into the art classes, camps, and projects guided by our teaching team through online tutorials geared towards their age group - all while putting their unique spin on each composition. 

Want to know more? Visit our art studio!